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Conservation Treatment of Artwork by Hans Sebald Beham

The Gallery & Collections Coordinator at an area university recently brought in a set of 14th century engravings created by Hans Sebald Beham. Like many works of art in need of the care and attention of a skilled conservator,…


Cleaning Fungal Stains on Paper with Hydrogels

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0964830519310649?fbclid=IwAR3MZXzXamLu2gz1oMHMRmT-i5myFp28aU3J40Of0dB7H5Iau-vpAtNNKDE An interesting article on the removal of fungal staining complexes from paper using rigid hydrogels and adjusting pH.…


Repairing Historic Newspapers

Clients often come to me with historic newspapers that are in need of repair. These documents are frequently oversize and extremely fragile due to the nature of newspaper manufacture. Newspapers were intended to be ephemeral in nature, so in…


Analyzing Layers of Paintings with XRF

A short video from the Fitzwilliam Museum explaining XRF analysis applications in works of art on paper. The ability to view multiple layers of media and analyze their components is incredibly helpful in art conservation.…


Conservation in the Era of COVID-19

The viral pandemic that has swept the world has undoubtedly had an impact on everyone to one degree or another. I count myself fortunate that I have been able to continue to complete conservation treatments on client projects, although…


Military Discharge Paper Restoration and Repair

I have many clients who come to me with family heirlooms, including military discharge papers from ancestors long passed. These cherished family artifacts are often acidic, yellowing, and becoming embrittled. Many of them have tears and non-archival tape repairs,…


Vellum Indentures: Artifactual History Examined

The conservation treatment of parchment can present many challenges. You can see in the document above that multiple seals are present, either made of paper and foil or wax and cloth. Care must be taken to preserve the seals,…