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New Possibilities for DNA Research Found

Those book worms may prove useful after all! https://news.science360.gov/obj/video/40627abd-8e42-4f41-8f14-d097c39a8111/museum-sack-bearer-moth-specimens-generate-new-possibilities-dna-research…


Why Join IIC?

Why join the International Institute for Conservation?…


The Repair or Restoration of Brittle Transparency Papers

Do you have brittle transparent papers in your collection that require conservation treatment?  Because of the way they were manufactured, the preservation of transparency papers usually poses specific challenges.  The fibers within the paper have typically been beaten to…


The Creation of Parchment and Vellum

I discovered this nicely produced video on the manufacture of parchment.  Parchment and vellum are paper’s predecessors.  After stone tablets, they were a much more portable mode to record the written word.  As you can see from this documentary,…


Conserving a Water Damaged Book

The following is a very interesting article from IIC regarding shipwrecked documents: “On 5th December 1940, the British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.’s SS Gairsoppa left from the port of Calcutta, India to sail toward Britain. The cargo ship…